Who We Are

Chizhou Tianchi New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices. Established on May, 2019, with a registered capital of ¥100 million, Chizhou Tianchi has built out a full international PPE supply chain with a professional team to help mitigate the risks with the business, manage product quality, and to deliver the supplies to their clients on time. Besides the two mask factories that they own in China, Chizhou Tianchi also owns a network of PPE factories in China to export key supplies to satisfy the demands of our clients abroad. They supply NIOSH certified N95 masks, KN95 masks, surgical masks, surgical gloves, and isolation gowns, and all of their products have obtained F.D.A. approval and proper CE registration.

Our Team

In the context of combating COVID-19, our team members have grown to 60 people spanning our New York & L.A. offices in the U.S., our Sao Paulo office in Brazil, and our Guangzhou office in China.

Factory & Company Portfolio

Our Supply Chain specifically includes:

Import and Export Company

Guangzhou Honeyville Co,. Ltd.

Oversea Companies

GlobalX Technology Limited.
Panda PPE limited.
Watchtower PPE Supplies Inc.

Trading Companies

Anhui Ligma New Materials Technology Co,. Ltd.

Production Capacity

Our current production capacity for nitrile examination gloves is 3 million/day, N95 & KN95 masks is 3 million/day, surgical face masks are 10 million/day. Our capacity can be increased based on request.


At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Chizhou Tianchi became the official supplier for the Brazilian federal government, providing 240 million masks for the Brazilian government as part of one of the largest import deals that Brazil has ever done. Since then, they have also expanded and set up a total of 6 partnerships around the world: 2 in New York, 1 in L.A., 1 in Canada, 1 in Brazil, and 1 in Hong Kong.

Thanks to Chizhou Tianchi’s stable supply capabilities and high-quality standards, our clients span from U.S.A., Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Japan, Russia, Israel, and South Africa. They are government clients, local hospitals, medical supply chain stores, and even professional sports leagues in the United States. To this date, Our efforts have won unanimous praise from customers. In 2020, we have exported more than 340 million masks and 700 million gloves, nearly 200 containers.

For More Lives

In order to quickly respond to the needs of the outbreak, we have set up 3 warehouses around the world: New York, L.A., and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Working Hours

Our sales team is on line from A.M. 9:00 to P.M. 6:00 (GMT +8), Monday to Friday. You can also send your requests to our e-mail sales@tianchimed.com, and we will reply within 24 hours.

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