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. Cookies and Similar Technologies

No doubt, as is often the practice on all professional websites, TIANCHIMED website used cookies too, a tiny file which are downloaded to your computer. On what is a cookie, how to control and delete it, we suggest you visit and We used cookies such as:

  1. Google Analytics Cookies

Our site used Google Analytics to collect usage data, to analyze how users use website, provide users with ads on other websites. You can get more about Google’s statement on privacy at

  1. Social Media Cookies

In other words, these cookies simply allow us to provide you with content, which may be of interest to you.

So that, you will see “social buttons” on many of the pages of our site. These enable users to share & bookmark web pages, or view TIANCHIMED content on these social media sites. These buttons include but are not limited to: Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Email “Share”. By clicking on any of these buttons, the site will record your action and may use the information.

Actually, to implement and connect them to the relevant social networks, scripts from domains outside of TIANCHIMED must be used. When you log in to these sites, they will collect your browsing habits. For this reason, we suggest you read the statements for each site, to know how they use, how to opt out and delete the information.

.Your Choices and Rights

Disabling Cookies

In fact, disabling cookies will affect certain functions and features of the site. Therefore, it is recommended that you accept cookies. If you do not agree, you can do the following:

— Delete cookies after visiting this website.

— Browse this site using your browser’s anonymous settings (called ” Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” in Internet Explorer, and “private browsing” in Firefox and Safari).

— Set your browser’s security controls to block all or some cookies.

— Ask us to delete any personal information we store – for this, please send an email to

Do Not track

If you don’t want to use any cookies, you can also opt-out in some browsers by opening “Do Not Track”, or by visiting

Effective May-26-2021