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TIANCHIMED Provides Life-Saving PPE

“Since its inception, Tianchi Medical has worked with large corporations such as Amazon and Home Depot as well as nonprofits Masks2All, MaskOakland, and Paper Bridges to ensure people on the frontlines of the pandemic had protective equipment…”[1] The CEO of TIANCHIMED, Jack Yuan, he accepted an interview with the Boss Magazine. References 1.∧ Damien Martin, […]

FDA Listed PPE

PPE protective-suit

We bring the right type of help: CE Approved and FDA listed PPE with certified quality and fair market cost. KN95 respirator are part of the front-line solutions to combat SARS-CoV-2.[1] The F.D.A. issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for KN95 respirator, and regulated by the the government’s GB 2626-2006 standards, they are almost identical in […]